Innovative teaching is important, but it can be expensive. Due to massive budget cuts by the state in

recent years, it is even harder for the district to fund these types of requests. DEx Awards are a reinvention of the teacher grant program - with a simpler application process.  DEx Awards are designed for student and teacher enrichment, both in the classroom and through professional development opportunities that cannot be covered by the district budget. 


DPSF committed a minimum of $35,000 to fund DEx awards for the 2017/18 school year, expecting it to stretch at least one semester. But, within just a few weeks we had 32 applications, far exceeding that $35,000. For the 2018 Awards,we doubled the award amount to $70,000, yet it was awarded just as quickly (within only 8 weeks). This tells a bigger story than we ever could – our teachers have BIG needs that cannot be fulfilled by the school budget. DPSF would like to be able to give $150,000 annually in DEx Awards. 

There are three types of awards that will be considered:

CLASSROOM AWARD ($1,000 max)

Designed for classroom enrichment.  A teacher may use this award for things like new teaching material, specialized curriculum or supplies for STEM/educational projects.


Designed for a group of individuals that would like to bring something special to their grade level or school. Examplesinclude guest speakers, subscriptions, student workshops or projects that require sustainability.


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AWARD ($2,500 max per individual)

 Designed to fund professional development opportunities that may not be budgeted and that will promote and encourage innovative student learning. As our students grow into STEM and technology-based learning, our teachers must also grow their knowledge.

Review the TERMS of the DEx Awards, here.

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